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Customer Management

Customer Management is not a onetime work, but a process of identifying, communicating and analyzing customers, until the customer is granted visa. Staff has to go through various stages to reach to the success, which ultimately results in organizational revenue.

Nirvahak CRM provides an exclusive interface to store and manage customer details and their documents with special tracking of enquiry stage, application stage, final status. A quick understanding of the customers can be done through various reports and dashboard. It is of major significance to be able to recognize, analyze and manage these opportunities that may convert into more revenue.

Enquiry Management
Enquiry Management is a essential process of automating the most disorganized, error-prone and inconsistent leads into the centralized, managed and productive way.
What is an Enquiry/Lead: It’s the lead which if taken care properly can turn into business and revenue generation. Enquiry Management is one of the processes to manage each and every lead properly and taking care whether it is properly taken care of by sales and marketing team. Enquiries are basically unqualified sales opportunities which may be gather from walk in, Newspaper advertisement, seminars, trade shows or any other marketing campaigns for the purpose of sales.
Web Enquiry
Each consultant will have a contact us form in their respective website. Nirvahak CRM provides an ability to send all such enquiries directly into your CRM. The staff can evaluate the information filled in by the customer and consider it as proper enquiry to process.
Enquiry Assessment
One of the crucial stages of enquiry management is assessment. It allows you to perform detailed assessment of the customer and generate an automated PDF report. This PDF assessment report can be downloaded by the customer or by the staff to send as email attachment. It also has ability to collect a fee for preparing assessment report.
Stages of Enquiry Management
Open Not Contacted
Working Contacted
Assessment Started
Assessment Tax Invoice Generated
Assessment Report Generated
Client Agreed To Proceed
Enquiry to Application Conversion
Application Management
When there is really competitive market to complete a process, you cannot lag anywhere in the customer processing till visa is approved or rejected. Business is always an improvement process, so you should know the reason for closed or win for an opportunity.
Application management supports several visa types like Business, Student and GSM. It starts with process of contract generation, signing by customer till visa grant or rejection.
Application Status: Each application will have one application status at one point of time. You can always see complete application status history by click of a button.
Track each application by various admission and visa stages
With effective interaction with customer, application process management will give you 360 degree view visibility
Configure your application stages by yourself
Various alerts to staff and manager who are sitting at head office, to let them informed of the latest happening.
Locate and remove bottlenecks from the application process.
Invoice Management
One of the most complicated parts is manually creating the invoices for customer and institutes and remember when to create the next invoice. To tackle different terms and condition for every institute and renew it every year, gives you lots and lots of conditions to be followed up before generating each invoice. Not only generating invoice keep the payment tracks for years also consumes a lot of energy and time. Any mistake simply loss of dollars!
With a strong Financials module integrated into Nirvahak CRM, you can perform your complete book keeping. It is brings industry standard process like
Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
Day book, Journal entry
Journal Accounts & Account Grouping
Invoices to Institutes
It has smart tools to identify all approved students sent by your organization to a particular institute or university. All such payments you are entitled to receive can be grouped as collective invoice and sent to institutes.
Customer Invoice
There can’t be anything simpler than invoicing through automation. Just over a click of button, invoices will be generated.
No need to follow up for each customer for accounts department.
You cannot miss any customer for invoicing. As soon as customer visa is approved, Account Receivable is created.
CRM will remind you for payment follow up without any extra efforts.
Overdue Invoices from customers.
Aging report for Institute payment.
Role Based Security
Security has always a major role in the software. We can understand your data security concern and hence designed and developed this application on multiple level of hierarchy.
That means you can generate ranks like if you have staff or partners who can view their own data only then branch manager can view data of all the staff of that particular branch, then probably comes with area manager/country manager and then Head Office.
All the roles have their own ability to view and change the data. Roles can be extended to multiple countries and their branches, multiple destination countries and their managers etc…
Customer Login
Nirvahak CRM can be easily integrated with your Website with a link for customer login. What could be better then given access to your customers to visit your website and view their not just status online but also download / upload the documents and their submit/view profile online. Even customer can visit your website and fill their details online which can saves a lot of staff time.
Customer can check status of application with a pictorial view of the application processing stages.
Read the Notes left by staff and communicate with efficiently
Uploading pending documents themselves
Download any relevant documents like assessment reports, invoices, receipts and many more.
Partner Login
Engage agencies to build profitable partnerships. Nirvahak CRM allows your partners and their staff to create enquiries to maximize potential revenues.
Your partners can check the customer application progress that the partner brings in. The access restrictions allow partners to track only their customers. Partner owner can track the commission they are entitled. The application can smartly identify all granted visas, all such payments can be grouped as collective Accounts Payable and sent to partners.
Advantages for Immigration
Specialized product: You need not to adjust with common CRM work flow, as your industry has different work flow and way of working. This product is designed especially for immigration consultants, may be having one office or multiple offices, may be having presence in one country or multiple countries, it serves all.
No other general CRM can exactly fit into your office, so either you need to compromise according to their flow or you will waste your time of implementation.
Ease of Customization
As most of the development is exactly as per industry requirement, so even if required, few hours of customization can exactly fulfil your need and give you productive results.
Hosted Version
Few hours without any hefty investment.
ROI in few months
Less dependent on Staff: Why to ask staff to work in excel which can be fabricated easily, rather let them just work and system will show you results in your way.