Nirvahak BI Analyitcs Dashboard 5.0

The 360° Analytics solution for your business

If your company is struggling in Analytics, Nirvahak BI Analytics dashboard application is what you need.


Powerful Dashboard

Nirvahak's Powerful Dashboard integrates company's key performance indicators from various data sources to identify trends to see the big picture of a department or Organization and can create effective dashboards for any team making it easier to visualize and understand for an effective & right business decisions.


Infographic Metrics

Nirvahak's Info-graphics is a visual representation of complex large amount of information, data & knowledge by combining elements of text, images, icons, charts to present in an easily understandable piece of information, providing a quick overview & information clearly. Nirvahak's format is visually creative, concise, engaging and appealing.


Cloud Enabled

Nirvahak Dashboard is Cloud enabled application so that all the Analytics are accessible anywhere and helps organizations to perform critical business functions on the go through their smartphone or tablet. It is flexible to use with responsive design enabling organizations to use on all platforms and generate valuable insights and present in critical meetings.

Industry specific dashboards

Marketing & Sales Dashboard

Marketing Analytics Dashboard has Leads Dashboard with filters of date range applied with view of


  • Outlook showing lead sources, leads that converted to opportunities,
  • ROI showing Revenue & Cost per lead, Revenue & cost by lead source,
  • Effort showing with average converted lead score by source,
  • Trend behavior showing lead generation trends on day, week, month & year basis,
  • Leads by location showing leads based on locations.

 Sales Analytics Dashboard has Sales Dashboard with filters of date range applied with view of


  • Outlook showing Pipeline Profile
  • Performance showing Sales by Region
  • Conversion showing Sales conversion funnel
  • Rep Performance showing pipeline by stage, activities by type, average activities per won deal
  • Opportunity Highlights showing Ranked Prospecting Opportunities, Ranked Won Opportunities
  • Sales Velocity showing sales momentum

BI Analytics Dashboard-Industry Features

Nirvahak BI Analytics Dashboard comprises the following various analytics dashboard sections for Industry product.



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