Nirvahak Enterprise 5.0

Nirvahak Enterprise

Highly modular and customizable solution to meet all ERP needs of small-to-medium organizations

Nirvahak Enterprise is an ERP software solution designed to meet the requirements of both small-and-medium sized companies with latest tools and processes for Industry / Enterprise needs that can be customized quickly and enhanced over time to provide innovation and lasting value.


Enhanced Productivity

Nirvahak Enterprise 5.0 brings in thorough production planning, streamlined supply chain process and strict checks on projects accounting and costing for an enhanced productivity in manufacturing companies.


Easy Transformation

Nirvahak Enterprise enables production companies to transform and adapt to this digital platform with ease. The fuss free, end-user friendly platform ensures training and implementation in no time.


Freedom to scale

The entire application is cloud enabled for easy access at all places, at all times with continuous updates offering new features and functions with latest tools ensuring complete security.

Nirvahak Enterprise 5.0

Nirvahak Shipping Manager

Shipping management software module for multiple countries designed to cater for schedules and allocations, bookings, documentation/ bills of lading, container control and detention, voyage accounting and electronic messaging. This supports import, export, trans-shipment, domestic requirements and handles all cargo requirements. Provides automated options to facilitate electronic exchange of information with customs and port authorities, terminals and depots and customers. 

Nirvahak shipping manger will also assist container tracking and helps in documenting to cover all aspects of Shipping Company’s needs: Arrival Notice, Bill of Lading, Booking Confirmation, Delivery Order, Empty Container Release and Manifests amongst others. These documents can be customized to suit corporate brands.

Nirvahak Enterprise 5.0

Product Features

Nirvahak Enterprise with its single platform streamlines the Operations, Accounts, and management of Freight Forwarders, Customs Brokers, Container freight stations, Shipping lines, Warehouses and Trucking companies.

Nirvahak Enterprise 5.0

Nirvahak Order Manager

Order Manager is a sophisticated module to track individual orders from the time the order is placed until the order is received by the consignee. It is suitable for any international logistics operations and has an easy to use interface. It accepts the demands from the sellers and buyers through multi-channels and establishes a collaborative supply chain operation flow and management system. It helps in articulating the entire supply chain process, control the entire process, reduce logistics delay and increase service effectiveness.

Nirvahak Warehouse Manager

Nirvahak Warehouse Manager is a flexible and comprehensive Warehouse Management System engineered to meet the needs of the logistics industry. It monitors vendor compliance, efficiently manages multi-channel distribution, and responds quickly to shifting demand to optimize performance. It also covers inventory management by increasing accuracy, improving order fulfillment and reducing order cycle time. Receiving and shipping are streamlined as well to facilitate cross-docking and expedite back-ordered products.

Nirvahak Transport Manager

Nirvahak Transport Manager is an integrated local cartage transportation software, covering operations, bookings, fleet control, resource planning and daily worksheets that allows an organization to run the transport department as a ‘profit center’, or as a stand-alone business.

Our software allows allocating drivers, trailers and vehicles to every container leg and can even interface with in-cab back-to-base electronic communications. This provides on-the-road job transmission, truck-to-base status updates and allows tracking drivers in real time to create comprehensive driver performance reports. You can also facilitate allocation of jobs to drivers and vehicle scheduling.

NIrvahak Enterprise 5.0

Nirvahak Web Portal

Nirvahak Web portal is a web-based tracking software application designed to provide the customers and business partners with 24×7 accesses to order, shipment and freight tracking information with the use of an internet connection and web browser.

It is an ideal software solution giving Importers, Exporters, Suppliers, Overseas Agents, Freight Forwarders, Customs Brokers, Transport Companies and Warehouses the ability to monitor the status of orders and shipments quickly and easily with a simple website in real-time.

Customers can place and edit their own orders and shipments online and request Rate Quotations with an easy to setup User Id and Password.

All related order, shipment and declaration documents are uploaded to the website as images. This makes it very easy for your customer to login and print their own invoices off the website.

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