IoT Tech

Devices connecting wirelessly & communicating to networks independently is ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and Nirvahak IoT is an advanced IoT connecting platform for various devices, networks and service providers to connect, communicate and exchange the data with end to end 128 bit encryption and security.


It’s a boon to new IoT device manufacturers to take the advantage of the Nirvahak IoT readily built platform by configuring the software to their devices & sell them in the markets with a standard application support for data capture without the need for developing any new software and investing heavily in developing applications and support services.


Companies working with IoT devices can subscribe to the cloud based Nirvahak IoT and integrate their devices to the servers with ease. The Device configurator and Data explorer modules of the platform have a seamless integration of the devices, capturing of the data and having a quick tab on the usage statistics with analytics provided by Nirvahak IoT.


Nirvahak IoT provides a set of tools and secure protocol architecture to build your IoT device or third party IoT device enabled service at low cost and scalability.

Various deployment options like SaaS, on-premises, private cloud and multi-tenant are provided.