Case Studies


Curafoot 3D-an innovative approach to Talus Footcare.


Curafoot, US based medical foot care Insole manufacturer wants their customers to easily give their foot images in multiple dimensions and upload with ease along with their basic data on their own.



Here customers of Curafoot need a good interface with utmost ease of use, which can minimise store visits, all other stakeholders of this process, Doctors, Multi brand retail store owners need a hands-on comfortable solution. The solution should help doctors do good analysis, an interface for various brand retail outlets for data capture during customers’ visits and finally proper inputs to be given to Curafoot 3D (Orthotics manufacturer) to manufacture customized fit and medically beneficial Insoles to customers.



Nirvahak addressed the problem by coming up with a unique web browser based application where customers need not require to download the application on their mobile but easily launch the application on any mobile on the go and take the pictures of their foot from their mobile camera and upload to Curafoot server with an intuitive user interface (developed using angular technology platform) with step by step self explanatory screens for ease of use. 

 With this application people suffering from foot ankle problems requiring proper foot care insoles specifically engineered to their foot shape were able to get their Insoles sitting at their home. Earlier there was a gap from sales executives at modern retail outlets / brand retail showrooms who often fail to communicate and record proper data to support the customer with right foot care Insoles.


Nirvahak’s mobile web browser based application capturing customer details and foot shape from a mobile camera was very useful for retail store outlets. Here a total of 4 images of each foot is taken from a mobile camera  and clubbed to form a 3D imagery for the Doctors to check the images scientifically and suggest a proper Insole remedy. Now Curafoot labs was able to manufacture various activity based custom fit Insoles for each customer to their satisfaction. 


Customers of Curafoot were very satisfied with the self care option in providing foot images from their mobile camera at home and hasslefree single visit service. Here the Retail outlets were able to comfortably serve the customers and increase the sales compared to earlier complexity.


Amala-An innovative App for solving Rubik’s Cubes.


Ms. Amala is a Math teacher, expert and trainer in solving Rubik’s cubes. She wanted to train and empower children in analytical, cognitive and fine motor skills by connecting to them wherever they are, irrespective of geographies and interacting live with children online. Ms. Amala wants to prepare the children for the future of the AI world using the rubik’s puzzles solving mobile application.



Methodical and intuitive interface for children, easy to use for both parents and children, option to launch and schedule an online video enabled meeting when children are stuck in solving.



Nirvahak’s team has become part of Ms. Amala’s endeavour and did an in detailed study about the whole process of educating and training children by Ms. Amala and come up with a unique and innovative Mobile App addressing all the pain points uniquely.


Amala-The Puzzle App is one of the most innovative apps in the field of Rubik’s Puzzles, totally technology driven where analytical and cognitive skills will be improved in children subscribing to the App. 

The App is designed in a way to introduce recreational learning to make children think and approach the complex problems without missing out on concentration which is pivotal for children’s life. 


All the videos are made available on the App to make it interesting for children to learn eye and hand coordination, spatial awareness and cognitive skills. This video availability is crucial for this learning platform for children and to learn Amala’s way of solving complex cubes. The Amala Puzzle App brings the best video content on the launch with ease for creating world class learning experience. All the steps in the App are made simple and self explanatory.


Nirvahak’s team worked on to bring the Zoom-online video conferencing App integration making it more engaging for children by connecting directly to Ms. Amala in solving the puzzle. The subscriber can book for the zoom session after watching the videos and launch the zoom session to solve the cube if stuck. 


With zoom sessions, Ms. Amala can connect upto 7 participants for addressing all types of questions on Puzzles through live interactions. By this App, children of digital age can be excited about charting their own path through this innovative learning approach and completely changing the way children learn.


Adoption of IoT technology for future ready business, Ripple case of IoT enabled piped gas meters.


Ripple Infra, a pioneer in Reticulated Piped Gas System was facing a unique problem of billing its household customers in high-rise apartments and gated communities where security restrictions for field staff is a concern for visiting and taking meter readings. Ripple Infra want to explore IoT based devices and need for a technology partner who can take care of running and expanding the system for new business.



Setting up fool proof Infra:IoT Gas metering devices are imported in bulk by Ripple Infra without any supporting hardware BIOS, a reliable Gateway to be must and depending on a restricted power source of battery in devices.


Developing a reliable Application:  A fool proof reliable software for Billing transparency with no downtime is of utmost importance post infra setup for reaching the goal of billing customers without manual reading and personnel interventions and not disturbing households and communities.


Future Ready: The proposed system should be feature ready for the expanding Business of Ripple Infra making giving it more ROI and zero investments for expansion.



Nirvahak has come with a IoT Studio solution for Ripple Infra based on advanced LORAWAN architecture. This LORAWAN is a new age IoT platform where devices can transmit data in very less bandwidth on a negligible minimum power source.

There is no need for any internet connectivity as devices are directly connected to the gateway to transmit meter reading at specified intervals to push the data to the IoT server with 100% accuracy. 


The system is totally future ready as any number of devices (millions) can be connected to IoT server with their designated Device ID and gateway.


Developers team at Nirvahak used advanced technologies to decrypt the sent data and bill the customers. Here the Administrator Interface is made very intuitive using Angular technology giving a full fledged dashboard and reports section for day to day Business Intelligence and a seamless billing system for zero error billing.


The interfaces and device communications are tested and perfected for long run cycles and thereby inducing full confidence in the staff of Ripple Infra.


Now the system is running perfectly without any bottlenecks and without any complaints since 1 year with complete satisfaction to Ripple household and community customers and quick hassle-free installations for field staff and an exponential increase in Ripple Infra corporate clientele for Reticulated Piped Gas System. Now the Team of Ripple Infra spends most of the time ensuring safety compliances and standards rather than worrying about taking manual meter readings.



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