Nirvahak 5.0

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The Nirvahak Platform offers everything you need to create an application that can manage your data, whether you’re a small or bigger organization. The Nirvahak Platform is foundation for amazing apps you never thought possible, so you can engage customers and employers in everything you do. It is full cloud solution with no software or hardware to install. You’re up and running, seeing a quick positive impact on your business. Build and run innovative apps and websites on the cloud platform.


Nirvahak Platform is designed from the ground to allow any organization to take active role in managing their data ensuring the security and quality. It removes the need for developing custom applications by allowing functional users create dynamic manageable data objects on the fly. Its rich user friendly interface requires zero programming knowledge to build world class data management tools.

High Availability

The Nirvahak architecture is designed for high availability, meaning that your applications developed can continue to function in a number of adverse situations, including power outages or network loss and are accessible through Nirvahak Mobile.

Admin Interface

The Nirvahak platform admin interface manages application versions, deployments, device management and security policies. Administrators can also design a security profile that is appropriate for a specific user’s work profile with enhanced data security.


Rapid Enterprise Application Development can be achieved by enabling your existing web development teams to create applications once, which will work on multiple platforms by using HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript for a true device agnostic solution.

Nirvahak Cloud Platform Key Features

The Nirvahak Cloud Platform is designed to address the inflexibility of existing enterprise software by allowing businesses to choose the deployment option that fits their specific needs. Mid-size businesses should be more open to exploring models such as software-as-a-service (SaaS) in the cloud rather than the traditional on-premises software application because Nirvahak Cloud software offers extensive benefits to growing your business


  • Freedom to scale and grow: Lowers businesses’ total costs and flat-fee prices
  • Freedom from IT constraints: Offers high-level security and privacy, easy accessibility and integration
  • Freedom from lock-in: With your data in the cloud, you can move it at any time
  • Freedom to innovate:Offers continuous new features and functions.


Our cloud solution offered on SaaS is designed especially for small sized companies. It reduces the cost of upgrades and product updates. Our Multi-tenancy can be at the infrastructure level, platform level, and application level.

Private Cloud

Nirvahak is offered as a private cloud data-center, where it is hosted on a cloud internally in the company network. Our cloud experts will help you set-up a seamless cloud on-premise and companies will be able to scale resources.


Nirvahak Cloud communicates through end-to-end security supporting the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with the option to participate with your existing Certificate Authority (CA).

Big Data & BI Analytics Dashboard

Nirvahak Platform big data enables collection of data sets that are so big that it is hard to collect, analyze, visualize, and process using regular software such as relational database management systems. Now it is possible to manage this vast amount of data, structured and unstructured. When we talk about big data, we not only refer to existing data that have been collected for years, but we also talk about huge amounts of data being generated because of social media, mobile devices, sensors, and other technologies.


Nirvahak Platform has in-built business intelligent application to collect data from several sources, combine all the data and provide browser powerful BI based analytics dashboard for the management to use.


BI Analytics Dashboard is a unique application where it can connect to any enterprise application and pull the data for present analytics. Business Intelligence Analytics through leading-edge technology drives positive results for its clients across the Globe with custom solutions, best in class quality and consistent service excellence.

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