Nirvahak Corporate 5.0

Human Capital Management for your business

An intuitive, easy-to-use, affordable, next generation HCM solution that takes care from Recruitment to Retire.

Effective global monitoring

Nirvahak Corporate can be used effectively by any organization to monitor and manage its human resource. Some of the striking features of this software include block periods, public holidays, multiple time zones, locations and shifts.

Improve communication

Nirvahak Corporate software encompasses all functions required necessarily like personal information management module, employee self-service module, applicant module to improve communication between employees & HR professionals.

Time tracking

Monitoring employee attendance accurately is a matter of concern. To carry out this task properly, Nirvahak Corporate is the best option. The real-time software keeps a check on the attendance of the employees from any location of the world.

Nirvahak corporate 5.0

Streamlining the Recruitment process

To streamline the recruitment process in your organization, Nirvahak Corporate software is a wise choice. The software has been specifically designed to track each stage of the recruitment process from applicants to employees and assess their performance too. HR professionals have the option to make background checks on applicants. 


The application has tracking solution from custom job postings to interviews scheduling and later with assessment & tracking on joining’s. Some additional features of the software include screening of resumes and emails, reporting, customized assessment tests.

Nirvahak corporate 5.0


Nirvahak Corporate gives your organization the power to manage your workforce with inbuilt host of features for better yield and maximum output. 

Nirvahak corporate 5.0

Payroll Management

Nirvahak payroll management module comes with a host of features making your payroll effortless by keeping your human resources and payroll data in sync.


Quick payroll data entry & mass records Import feature with gross and net pay calculations, addition & deduction of benefits on payroll run, payroll reconciliation.


Time data imports of employees with hours worked from login to logout for accurate payroll processing. Employee access self-service portal for pay verification, deductions and checks.


Payroll consultant assistance will be provided for understanding total platform features and complete calendar configuration set-up support is given for the HR’s to better handle the application. Simple tax filing, tax assistance & audit ensure prompt calculations and standard tax deductions for every pay cycle.



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