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Nirvahak 5.0

Manage Anydata, Anywhere, Anytime.

Clean Design

Works on any device – fully secured with complete cloud control of the data and mobile friendly dashboards that connect business people with data.

Easy To Customize

Totally cloud enabled, easy-to-customize unified solutions platform for all the IT needs of an enterprise like CRM, HRMS and Industry solutions with BI Analytics.

Powerful Options

On-demand business intelligence analytics dashboard and artificial intelligence enabled ML tool features gives an edge over competition.​

Nirvahak 5.0

Acend to Cloud

Our Cloud-enabled suite boosts productivity by data access anywhere anytime and faster. Employees can work efficiently by connecting, engaging and collaborating from any location.


Organizations with our suite attain sustained growth which accommodates rapid scalability. Realize the benefits of cloud elevation with real-time insights from your big data with our BI Analytics Dashboard.


Innovate your workforce with our measurable and stable multi-tenancy model fostering location independence which is readily available at platform and application level.


Add strategic value with our integrated platform characterized by a variety of pre-fabricated framework layers and data models. Nirvahak Cloud suite subdues upgrade costs and ensure less Cap-Ex.

Nirvahak 5.0

A focus on BI Excellence

Experience Business Intelligence through leading-edge technology, custom solutions, best in class quality and consistent service excellence, Nirvahak drives positive results for its clients across the Globe.


We transform complex business data into custom, user defined and friendly information providing deep insights. Maximize business results through value-driven data analytics.


We ensure complete solution which suits to all business environments to facilitate the leadership in key decision making. Interactive dashboards helps leadership to develop strategic road-map leveraging business objectives.

Nirvahak 5.0

Mobile first development

Nirvahak’s mobile first approach will outsmart the competition for the service excellence on mobile. Helps organizations to perform critical business operations anywhere on-the-go on a smart phone or tablet completely secured and controlled.


Nirvahak mobile product suite enables employees stay productive anytime using mobile devices to manage projects, documents, manage customer relationship, conduct enterprise resource planning, fill out invoices and receipts, accounting vouchers, work orders, purchase orders and also manage a corporate calendar and address book.


Nirvahak’s device-centric approach has the flexibility to manage roles and responsibilities to benefit cost and productivity with agility. Nirvahak Mobile suite gives rapid access to pre-engineered dashboards and enables you to audit performance and build reports on-the-fly.


Nirvahak mobile BI capability is important for making quick business decisions. You can accomplish data-driven decision making, sharing and commenting insights on-the-go as the data is available instantly. Nirvahak mobile BI offers mobile dashboards that connect business people with data.

Nirvahak 5.0

Our Services

The ever-changing and evolving business environment today asks for agile strategies to rapidly adapt to new trends. Our platform provides an ultimate solution which empowers you to make wise business decisions.


Nirvahak Product Suite is the outcome of validations based on critical thinking of software industry’s hypothesis on processes, capabilities and challenges. The autonomous nature of our suite safeguards and endows complete data security and integration seamlessly.


Our complete focus is on supporting the success of our clients. Simply put, our client relationships mean everything to us.

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